less packet or not stable network


Oct 28, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I have server with VPS node. On this server created four VPS. One of VPS is cPanel shared hosting server. All works fine about 20 days. But from 26 Oct. cPanel VPS server very not stable.
Does not connect to SSH from the outside (connections refused). On cPanel VPS the sites are not available. The panel is available, then no. On the VPS CentOS 6.4. Debian on the node 7. Virtualization qemu-KVM.**** Outside VPS pinged fine.**** By SSH and enter the sites gives 10-15 seconds, then next not available a few seconds to minutes. And such several days. Reboot VPS does not help.****
Inside the node login to the VPS via SSH can be no problems and no disconnection.**** You can also log in from the neighboring VPS on a problem VPS is also no problem with connections.****On problem cPanel VPS ping is bad, seems there is packet loss.

What do?

How setting cPanel VPS?