lets encrypt certificate for a 3rd party service on same server


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May 30, 2013
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I have inherited a server that have WHm/Cpanl installed but also has other independent services / servers side-by-side.
I know it is not an ideal situation - but it is what it is.

My question is as follows:

The domain mydomain.TLD is registered and functioning properly on whm/Cpanel. it also has other subdomains working and with Auto-SSL configured .

I want to use a specific single sub.mydomain.TLD to point to another service ( GOGS ) on the same machine that works with an independent Golang service. ( when I write "independent" i mean that it is installed outside of the capanl environment and has it's own services / server ).

The doubt I have is how to generate / use the let's encrypt certificates from Cpanl/WHM in order to use HTTPS on the external service.
I am afraid that if I will install the auto certbot "independantly" ( again ) it could somehow conflict with the other Cpanel AUTO-SSL on the main mydomain.TLD or any of it's subdomains .

On the other hand I did not find any certbot on the system ( probably / maybe cpanel handled it differently ).

Is there a way to generate a let's encrypt certificate from inside WHM/CPANEL and just copy the KEY and PEM files to the other "independent" location without causing chaos? Or should I just install the normal certbot alongside WHM ?


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Nov 14, 2017
Can you please open a ticket using the link in my signature? Once open please reply with the Ticket ID here so that we can update this thread with the resolution once the ticket is resolved.