Lets encrypt icon missing in cpanel frontpage suddenly


Jan 17, 2018
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Here screenshot from whm - Manage AutoSSL
you can see Let's Encrypt is installed
whm Manage AutoSSL.jpg

here cpanel frontpage
there is no Lets encrypt icon
cpanel security.jpg

i read here letsencrypt-for-cpanel.com/docs/for-admins/troubleshooting/
Icon not visible in cPanel
If the Let’s Encrypt™ icon is not visible in the cPanel list even though the link is present, this is most likely a caching issue. If forcing a refresh in your browser (Control+R) does not fix this, the plugin may need to be re-installed to refresh the cPanel icon cache for the plugin.
so i already tried :

- forcing a refresh in your browser (Control+R)

- in whm - Manage AutoSSL, already tried change to Disabled or cPanel (powered by Comodo), then back to Let’s Encrypt again

but still same, please help how to fix this or what i can try?


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Apr 11, 2011
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The AutoSSL options you see in cPanel will automatically use Let's Encrypt if it's configured as the default AutoSSL provider, however there is no separate icon for Let's Encrypt. The icon you are seeking is part of a third-party plugin for Let's Encrypt that's unrelated to what's offered in cPanel. You'd need to contact their support for assistance if you have installed their plugin and it's not appearing in cPanel.

Thank you.