lfd on server.mydomain.com failed


Mar 11, 2012
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I keep getting the following error message by mail :

"cPanel ChkServd Service Monitor ✆ [email protected]
6:05 AM (19 minutes ago)

lfd failed @ Mon Mar 12 06:05:04 2012. A restart was attempted automagically.

Service Check Method: [check command]

Number of Restart Attempts: 910"

I get those messages every 5 minutes.

My server administrator told me that: "The server seems fine and this message will not cause any issue. You can ignore this message and let me know if you need any help further."

Is that possible?
Can i ignore these messages?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Jun 27, 2011
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I am getting that too. The thing I understand is that it is in "Test Mode" I have submitted a ticket to my "managed" VPS, and I was hoping to get some definitive answer (at least here), this is what I have seen:


Yet the document itself seems outdated:

The issue is all about CSF (Config Server Firewall) and lfd (login failure daemon).

If you are using Open VZ on VPS:

Source of the Problem
"OpenVZ comes with iptables (a linux firewall) and CSF tries to manipulate the rules of iptables when it installs.
However a VPS container does not have permissions to modify configuration settings on the physical server, it can only modify settings on the container."

So what's the answser, I am not planning on making this my life's work?

I understand my system may be in test mode, however:

1) I do not know exactly how to get it out of test mode..

2) I have a concern what will happen once it does come out of test mode...

In other words, if its failing in test mode, what happens when we go "live"...

3) Is this going to come down to "disabling" one system's firewall?

I have SolusVM:

"..Operating System (OpenVZ): CentOS 5 64 bit
Control Panel: cPanel

"...Management: Fully Managed"....

Which of course means I have to "fully manage (somehow) to fix all the problems on my own"... :)


Is this thing going to be fixed by me using the Config Firewall on WHM? or Tweak Config... or do I use the SolusVM or is this going to call for me going in and using the console in CentOS 5 64 bit...


BTW, I was hoping to eventually (sooner rather than later upgrade to Cloud Linux) and I wonder why the system is even using CentOS 5 (I believe CentOs 6 is out right?)

Please help...

This has been going on for days I am up to...lfd failed @ Fri Mar 23 20:53:45 2012. A restart was attempted automagically.

Service Check Method: [check command]

Number of Restart Attempts: 511

help.... ? please....

oh and btw:

"....Are you trying to install ConfigServer Security & Firewall onto a VPS container but keep running into problems?
This guide is no longer valid. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this guide is no longer valid with CSF and OpenVZ containers. We are working on a solution, but for now we strongly urge you to not install CSF on an OpenVZ container."...

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Oct 2, 2010
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LFD and CSF are products provided and supported by another company who has a free support forum at this location:

CSF Forum

We keep getting questions for their product at our location, but really all questions would be best directed at that location, since they handle their product. You might even search for how to disable test mode on their forum.