Aug 11, 2021
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
My cpanel trial license was working but it's broken tomorrow

Invalid License FileTo access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active.
The cPanel license server said that a license could not be issued for your server (500). For more information visit: lic | cPanel The exact message was: No valid cPanel/WHM license found. (

  • To ensure that the server is licensed, navigate to http://verify.cpanel.net/, and enter the server’s public IP address.

  • If the server is licensed, run the /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt command as the root user.

  • Make certain that port 80 is open to contact our license server and that your server’s hostname is a FQDN.
If you do not currently own a license, register at the cPanel Store and request a trial license.
You can purchase or lease a license directly from cPanel, or from one of our Partners.
After you successfully activate the license, try login again in a few minutes the page and the message will no longer display.