Licensing issues, unable to renew


Jul 4, 2019
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So I've got a cpanel license which I was a couple of days behind in paying, and was automatically canceled. This in itself is an absurd policy, for both cPanel and it’s customers as:

- cPanel charges pro rata. If a late invoice is cancelled, they loose money ( eg if I order a new one on the 6th it is pro rata’d from the 6th - end of month)
- we loose access being only a couple of days late, is a huge pain in the *** for everyone

Anyway the issue I’m having now is
1. My old license expired
2. I’m unable to order a new one, with the following error: ‘his IP had a store monthly license that was cancelled and cannot receive
a prorated price until August 04, 2019.’ I can’t renew the old or purchase another.

Also can’t open a support ticket as I don’t have a valid license.

So currently my customers can’t send or receive email, and can’t login to cpanel. With a few hundred accounts I’m not waiting until the 4th of August......


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Nov 14, 2017
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I'd suggest you contact Customer Service you should be able to open a ticket through the customer portal at cPanel Customer Portal or email them directly by sending an email to [email protected]