Jul 21, 2014
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I'm pretty new to the hosting industry (using Dedicated Servers, only used VPS before) - so excuse my nativity & my English as well (2nd language)

Well technically our company (not me) is getting into hosting industry, clients are all someone whom we've dealt with for over 10 years. I have been asked to research about licensing of cPanel, so here I am.

Basically, we are planning to launch 2-3 shared hosting plans. Our idea is to actually let clients host upto 25 domains on basic plan, 50 on the medium & 100 (or unlimited, if its an option) for the top tier plan.

So what exactly will be the pricing or the plans we will be going for ? In the pricing section of cPanel - I noticed them as "per accounts". Is per domain counted as an account or how exactly the terminology is used is confusing me.

We will be distributing the plans through Dedicated Server - if it somehow matters in the pricing.