SOLVED Limit Hourly Email By Domain Instead Of By Server Account


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Jan 31, 2018
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Is there a workaround to limit the hourly email and total daily email send by domain instead of server. There is an option in the WHM tweak to limit hourly email send by the server but is it possible to do this by domain instead of server/account. For example, if I set:

100 maximum email send per hour on WHM all of my users/accounts on that server are affected. How can I make different limit for different accounts/domains (unique)? Or is this feature isn't available? There is no such option available in the add/edit package when trying to create new account. I wish to have this option but I'm too lazy to open a feature request (and wait for 5 years before it's going to be published) so I'm looking for a workaround if possible.

Thank you.