Limit the number of E-Mails sent per E-Mail Address, and NOT per Domain???


Feb 1, 2013
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I am a end user of cPanel. My host has the 500 E-Mails per hour setup on the server, which I am fine with. My problem is that when ONE of my users E-Mail accounts violates the limit EVERY user on my Domain gets their E-Mail blocked. Seems like a bad plan. I think there should be a way to make the limit something more like ( 100 per E-Mail address / 500 per Domain ) per hour. That way if I have ONE user on my Domain doing something bad, ALL the other E-Mail accounts are not punished for his actions. I have asked by hosting provider and this was their response...


Every cPanel account has a limit of 500 emails per hour in total. Unfortunately, this can't be changed.

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Is there an option, could some other hosting provider using cPanel provide the service I need or do I need to look at a host NOT using cPanel???


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Nov 14, 2017
There is not currently a method of doing this, there are cPanel account-based restrictions (as an account may hold more than one domain) and there are domain based restrictions but no per email account restrictions of this nature.

I recommend opening a feature request [] for this is it's something you'd like to see in the product.

Please use the following format when creating the request to ensure your idea gets as much visibility as possible and translates into actionable work:


As a {cPanel User, System Administrator, web-hosting provider, or any other user perspective}, I would like {the feature that is being requested} so that {benefit that the request adds to the product}.


Feel free to respond here with a link to the feature request upon approval.

Thank you.