Limit WebMail Access to a certain IP


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Jul 26, 2013
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Is it possible to limit webmail access for a domain to a certain IP address? I have a company that wants their users to use webmail for their company email but do not want their employees to be able to access the account from home or their mobile device etc.

I suppose you would also have to limit IMAP access as well since they could just add an account on their phone that way. Can you also set an account to be accessible via webmail only? It is kind of a strange request but I thought I would ask.

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Feb 25, 2010
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You can limit Webmail or IMAP access by IP address in Home » Security Center » Host Access Control. You would want to put an "allow" rule for the IP address that you want to have access, before a "deny" rule for "all", because it stops processing rules as soon as a match is found. The daemon name to use for Webmail is webmaild, and the daemon name to use for IMAP is imap.

Note that this affects the entire server. There is no supported way to apply this type of restriction to only one domain or account or mailbox.

You can read more about Host Access Control here: