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Feb 15, 2013
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In our hosting business we have admins and people in the team that require server-wide access where they can see a specific option for all accounts, but not root access.
For example, we sell our Auto SSL feature currently this is a manual process through our WHMCS. And when a customer purchases the SSL, currently (as it's not automated yet) the admin needs to go to WHM and enable Auto SSL for that customer.

Another use case is to be able to see if an account exist on a server, or it's cPanel creation date, or Edit DNS access for all accounts.

Is there a way we can create a non-root user for these admins in our business? Obviously this cannot be a reseller as the accounts on the server have various owners (including real resellers) and that cannot be changed.



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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! There was actually a question similar to this earlier today at limit root privilege's of a particular user. but that isn't something that is possible at this time. You may want to submit a feature request for a "read-only" root user or something similar, but in my testing in that other thread I was not able to view the accounts owned by the other resellers on the machine.