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Nov 20, 2005
How can this be accomplished with cPanel? I see there is an apache module available called bwshare.

My problem is I host a redirection site for a game where the contents of the directory are open. It seems users want to download the entire contents of this directory using download managers, clicking the files, etc..

While this isn't a problem in itself, the problem lies with the users who seem to be downloading more data than what's on the site.

The site is around 69GB in size, but I have people in the logs downloading over 100GB worth of data in a month.

What I want to do is limit the amount of data these users can download in a day, to say 2GB per day cap limit.


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Nov 5, 2008
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If there is an Apache module you'd like to try, it is possible to have it built by EasyApache using either an Option Module or a "hook" as detailed in the following documentation resources:

Main EasyApache3 (EA3) documentation:
Apache & cPanel/WHM

More specific pages within the EA3 documentation:
EasyApacheHooks < EasyApache3 < TWiki
EasyApache#show_apache_defaults < AllDocumentation/CpanelModsWhmScripts < TWiki
WhmGlossary#OptMod < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki

On the EasyApache hooks page, the following detail may also be of help:
# /scripts/after_apache_make_install
* Hint: This is where you should use the apxs tool to include other Apache modules.