LimitRecursion Suddenly Reset to Default


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Mar 3, 2020
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A couple weeks back I was on here voicing my rage after I discovered that you people had placed a limit on the number of files my FTP client can view in a folder of just 10,000. See Copy Folder Does Not Copy All Images

Today I found out that the limit is back down to 10,000 again. I know I didn't change the limit so how the hell did that happen and how do I prohibit your software from ever doing it again?

While you guys are busy figuring out why this happened and how to prevent it from ever happening again (which I doubt you'll do), I will be re-learning how to change the recursion limit since like a lot of people I forget stuff like that after a couple weeks.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If you edited the FTP configuration file directly, it would have been overwritten as part of an update. You have to follow the instructions in the very bottom blue box here in order for those changes to stick: