Load time spikes when accessing the same page from two different computers


Aug 15, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi everybody,

I am administering a WHM/Cpanel server which hosts roughly 150 websites and I am having a performance issue that I can't seem to understand - any help would be greatly appreciated.

the issue appears when loading the same page from two different computers. The first time the page loads fine, but when reloading the same page on a different computer the load time spikes to 40-50 seconds or more.

By looking at single requests with firebug I have noticed the following pattern: the http request for the main page is answered fast by the server, however after that, all the js/css files are sent together really slow, and finally, all the static images are delivered also slowly - requests seem to be processed in batches.

The problem seems related to some form of caching, since it only happens when the same page has been just served on a different connection.

As I said - any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a Linux system administrator so I would be glad to provide any additional information that might help track down the issue.

I am attaching a screenshot of a firebug screen showing the slow load times - the first requests are not visible.

Thanks in advance