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Aug 31, 2020
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Hey Guys,

So I am looking at how to speed up one of our customer's servers. And they are very database heavy, so I was looking at getting a dedicated SQL box built for them and their sites that need it.

But my question is.. can you (is this possible) have both a remote sql server and the local one running? Or does WHM/cPanel only do 1 at a time..?

Our customer and I talked about this before, I got them a small SQL server built and moved the DB over and just allowed a remote connection from their main server over to it, so not just anyone could talk to that server. It was completely isolated from the world, but the customer said she had serious CSS issues, whenever she loaded the page on the local cpanel DB, it was good, worked great. But when we used the remote one... The page just lost CSS and we have 0 idea why, was kinda freaky!

So I want to try use the cPanel remote SQL profiles, but I don't want to have to force all 200+ sites to have to undergo that change. It would be huge..

Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance! :)


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Jun 9, 2020
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You can simply spin up a mysql server on a remote server and adjust the software config file to utilise that server instead of the local one. I'm not sure why anything would work different especially CSS using a remote db server though...The other option would be to create a MySQL cluster for HA and even load balancing but cPanel doesn't support this out of box.