Dec 17, 2021
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Hi everyone we have small business and we want to create local server at home with cPanel, we want to use laptop for testing after testing we will order a server.
But in our area main issue is our ISP not provide static IP, can we use any proxy system to setup a static IP in local server ?


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It's hard for me to say if this will work properly. Our license system wants to see the same IP address each time. You'd also need all the port forwarding configured at the firewall and proxy as well, and if your ISP does not provide a static IP it is possible those ports may not be available to you.

We have a list of ports required for cPanel to function in our documentation here:

The best answer is likely to "try it" but don't be surprised if things don't work well.

Cloud VPS systems are available that charge by how long you leave them online, and that might provide you with a better testing experience than a local machine.