Local users folder php.ini settings


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Jul 4, 2007
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We have several disabled functions
in the global php.ini under /usr/lib/.

Like exec, shell_exec, phpinfo and so on....

A specific account needs exec enabled. So, i removed it from
the global php.ini so I can work...

BUT, is there a way -for securiry reasons- to enable functions
per account / home basis ?

I am thinking something like eg: enable_function= exec
or something similar ?

Or functions like that (in the disable_function) can be modified
only global ?


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Jun 6, 2007
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yes you can toss a php.ini in the users folder and make your changes to it.
Yes, but how do you prevent them from changing the default settings?

Example, we have the max_upload_limit set to 2M (default from cPanel), and we have a user that put his own php.ini file in his home directory and changed the max_upload_limit to 1000M.

He's now uploading ISO's via a PHP script (movies etc...)

Not good.. How can we stop them from making those changes and over-writing the 2M limit on the default???