Logged user only manages e-mail, not all the options


Feb 1, 2012
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First of all, sorry but I didn't figured out where can I put my question.

My company has a dedicated server. We use CPanel to control the hosts accounts.

Sometimes, the client needs manage the e-mail by him self. But we don't want to give them all the control. We developed an CMS that the client can't have access to the files. It's a paid product.

If we give the user and password to the client for the login in the CPanel, the client can copy the full website. We only want give the client just the control to manage e-mails, nothing more.

Is something like create another level of user, that only has access to e-mail accounts.

Is this possible?

Regards and sorry about any english mistake.

Rafael V. de Oliveira


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May 20, 2003
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If I understand you correctly, yes of course. :)

All email account users should be able to access webmail, using the full email account name ([email protected]) and the email password. On the first screen once logged in there are options to change email settings. Nothing to do with cPanel login at all.

Your users can login to webmail at a URL like so: https://domain.com:2096 or depending on the server setup: webmail.domain.com or even domain.com/webmail/

Username must be the full email address. Password is the email address password.