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Nov 27, 2002
On occasion, I was getting a 500 error when trying to loggin to cpanel, hit refresh & works fine.
I thought it was a problem with my ISP, because i was having dialup problems at the same time(getting kicked off)......
Today, I receive a message from a customer stating that they too were having the same problems & also in webmail & ftp.....

What do I look for??????????

I also noticed that in WHM (Service Status),
Memory Used 30.7 %
Swap 0.588 %

But when you look at phpSysInfo-2.1/ script I installed it states:
Memory Used 91 %
Swap 41% (& climbing over the past 5 days from aroung 6-10 %)

Which is accurate & should I believe???

We recently installed tomcat 4.0.3 not 4.1, could this be the problem??????


You should not be using sysinfo 2.1. Its a bug that displays incorrect information. You need to install 2.0. I cant believe that 2.1 still has not been fixed after more then 6 months of being released.

GASP! 41% on the swap? Time to reboot and get some more memory on that box.