Logging into multiple accounts on the same domain


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Nov 7, 2003
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I use cPanel on my servers; but I've just started using a third party email service. Unfortunately, this means that I'd like to log into cPanel (technically email, i.e. port 2096) twice - once for each of my two main email accounts.

I have a script that I use that can auto-log me in (which I use from behind a secure login, in case anyone wants to lecture me about security. hehe) that basically logs in, grabs the session, and passes that URL to the browser.

My question is: If I log in using this script (which runs on the server), will I be able to have two valid sessions running at the same time in my browser? Or does cPanel check for that sort of thing and would kill the first session? I'm asking before I change my script to try this idea in the hopes that knowing whether or not it'll work will save me the time of trying it. :)

But if that won't work - is there any way to have two sessions in the browser using the same domain? i.e. is there any way to have two webmail sessions running at the same time in the same browser?

Thanks for answers and advice. :)

(I do have one workaround - there's a chrome extension that will allow me to have a new tab that's sort of an incognito tab - but it's a minor hassle to set that up every time I re-open the browser... so it's a workaround, but it sucks. hehe)


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Apr 11, 2011

You can only have one active webmail session at a time in the same browser. I encourage you to open a feature request for the functionality you are seeking at:

Submit A Feature Request

Thank you.