Feb 19, 2021
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Hi I have multiple cPanel's on GoDaddy in same server . and I'm maintaining different email accounts for different cPanel , but I'm facing a issue like i was able to login a different domain email from a another domains cPanel.

For example let say my domain name is and I was able to login mail from Facebooks webmail login. allows me to login in [email protected]

and it was able to see , get and send mail's as well.

could any body guide me to set the configuration properly.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hello there! Just so I understand the situation, you're saying you can go to and then login with [email protected] and that works normally? If so, that is working as intended. You're authenticating to the webmail service on the machine, which isn't related to the cPanel user or domain that you've entered into the address bar.

Your email account is still limited to your personal data so there is no security issue from this.

We frequently see this behavior as some users log in with and some users choose to use the server's hostname to access webmail, but they both allow them to log in normally.
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