Aug 22, 2004
I am currently abroad in Nepal and unable to login to cpanel or webmail. My partner back in the UK is able to login with no problems.

I reckon the problem originated when I started to login to my webmail via https://*****.com:2096/
and after getting the security certificate up and then entering my username and password I hit enter and the connection was then lost locally resulting in a hung browser which i then shut down and tried again. Now since that first time I am unable to get anywhere with login, wether it be webmail or cpanel the browser just returns a timeout message, I have tried various computers in the area, I had my partner uncheck the redirect to secure login in WHM and then tried on 2095 but still the same.

It seems to me that there is now something in the server blocking my access to logins from Nepal, normal access to the websites on the server are fine from here.

Has anybody any ideas on this or similar experiences...

Thanks for any help.
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