looking for advice on backup plan


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Aug 16, 2001
I have a new server being brought online. It has one drive and I have a remote backup service with the noc where the server is housed. I am using a private lan plan to connect to the backup service to save bandwidth. My question is should I bother using rsync since from what I am reading it is best used when you need to conserve bandwidth. Keeping in mind right no I am not to concerned with the backups leaving the noc to another off-site location. Should I just use the ftp backup built into whm or is it troublesome with corruptions like I read somewhere. Or is there a better plan out there somewhere... Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
If bandwidth and data transfer are of no concern, then probably the simplest method would be to mount the remote storage (if possible) either as an NFS or a SAMBA mount - depending on what is available to you. You can then do full cPanel backups to it.

If you have a non-quota enabled partition locally, then you could simply run a Full cPanel backup to that partition daily, and then FTP or rsyn the backup after it is completed over to your off-server storage.

I'm wary of the cPanel FTP backup option as it doesn't secure some of the files that can be invaluable if you need a full server restore, as opposed to simple account restores which will be fine.