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Nov 10, 2001
ON, Canada
I have a few basic apache and linux books, and know a little about how the server works, but I'm trying to learn more. There is no decent local bookstore so I pretty well have to order over the net and therefore can't browse the book before buying. That's why I need some opinions on which book(s) to buy.

What I am trying to learn now is pretty much how to do the things WHM and cPanel does, but directly from SSH. In other words, I want to understand exactly what is done on the server when an account is created, a subdomain is added, modifications are made, and so on. WHM and cPanel is an administrator's interface. I want to learn how to be the administrator.

Any recommendations as to which book(s) I should buy will be appreciated?

I currently have:
Apache: Web Server Administration
Red Hat Linux 7 Unleashed
Sam's Teach Yourself Linux 2nd edition

In another forum, Apache: the Definitive Guide was recommended, so I'll likely order it, but will it have what I want?

Thanks for any help.


Jul 10, 2006
shell scripts

If you really want to learn the meat of linux then you will need to understand shell scripts. They do everything and CPanel uses a lot of them (/scripts directory). For that I recommend O'Reilly, Classic Shell Scripting. I have two copies, one from the 1980's and a recent one that covers the newer shells. It teaches you as you go and builds on what you have already used.

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