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Oct 19, 2014
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Hello, everyone! Recently I've seen posts where server administrators would like to do the following with their email accounts:

-I'd like it to be easier to configure a Smarthost
-I'd like to have some domains use a Smarthost while others continue to use the local mailserver
-I'd like to have some domains use one Smarthost, while other domains use a different Smarthost
-I'd like to limit where certain domains can send messages
-Possibly related to the above, I'd like my domains to only be able to send messages within the local server

For users running into these situations, can you tell me more about your use case and what specifically you'd like to see implemented in the product that would make your server administration easier? I know in many cases we eventually tell people "cPanel doesn't support that, you'll need to customize Exim." While that is true in regards to the current tools available, please let em know if there is a specific service or tool that would make your life as an admin easier - we'd be interested in getting some feedback to see if that's something we could add. Thanks!


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Jan 11, 2009
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Hello Rex,

One of the customers request is following.

I know it is a little complicated request, but our customer needs that filtering. I have tried to achieve the same by adding an exim custom filter. But the mails were delivered if they added outside emails in CC or BCC.

Even if it can't be implemented, Is there any way to make some predefined rules in email filtering to add rules like
- Blacklist domains ( send/receive ) , domain level, and email level.
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Dec 16, 2020
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How timely...

I would like to be able to filter emails by Subject Line contents at the server.


I have been getting constantly bombarded by emails, all from different domains, all with the same subject line!

I want to make sure none of my clients get the same emails. I asked my host about it, and they said it would have to be done at the Exim level.

I will make a separate post about this.

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