Looking for script, file managing/pic storage


Jul 26, 2004
I belong to a woodworking forum that doesn't host it's own pictures. The forum won't ever be replaced, the beloved originator passed away and the users would like to stay. So as a supplement, I'd like to create a picture only storage site where users can link to their pics.

There are free photo hosting sites (hp has one, clubphoto), but most no longer let you externally link.

I don't want a full on gallery either, just a simple user managed pic storage place. Anything more and they can buy their own server.

WHat I'd like:
User can create userID, then go to a browser baser upload page. Upload to a directory (same name as userID, no sub directories). Be able to rename or delete files (but be limited to jpg's or gif's, can only change filename, not extention). Be limited by file size and overall directory size (say, 100k ea, and 2 meg total), but be admin alterable for future changes.
Then have the script generate a link so they can copy-n-paste it into the forum post.

It'd be an extra treat to be able to delete old pictures automatically, say when a pic is a few months old. This would insure people's understanding that this is just a forum supplement, not a way to offsite store things.

Any hints and tips would be great.