Looking for someone to sort out some probs


May 24, 2004
Ok i woke up this morning and tried to get into cPanel and was shocked to see a message saying

Sorry for the inconvience!
The root partition on this server is running out of disk space. Cpanel operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.
The thing is that i'm a n00b and so don't have a clue what.. or even how to delete files not in use on that partition. I have 2x80gb hard drives and i suspect that when Managed.com set up the basics, they did not set up the drives correctly.

I'm looking for someone to do a check around my server to make sure that everything is set up as it should be and to sort out my "Root" problem. I dont make much money at all from the server so please be kind to me.

Get in touch with me at [email protected]
i'm on msn messenger quite a lot so you can catch me there.

Thanx a lot for looking at this post and if you can help, please get in touch. Thanx again,



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sounds like they made the disk partitions to small. In that case you would need to have them reformat, repartition and reinstall everything at the noc.

Current Disk Usage
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda6 1012M 262M 699M 28% /
/dev/hda1 46M 15M 29M 34% /boot
/dev/hda8 55G 298M 52G 1% /home
none 488M 0 488M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda7 981M 17M 915M 2% /tmp
/dev/hda2 9.7G 1.3G 7.9G 14% /usr
/dev/hda3 6.8G 89M 6.3G 2% /var

what does your server status look like?
This one is from a fresh install.


May 24, 2004
its ok guys, sorted it thanx 2 got-management. They helped out and sorted it for me. there were 2 problems, the first which got sorted, i set backups up incorrectly, and the second which i sorted, was that the 2nd drive hadnt been formatted/mounted.

Last thing to sort is imageMagic... or GD or whatever it is?! i dunno... any1 know where i can get help with this?

Free help that is :eek:

Thanx for your help tho guys!