Sep 7, 2007
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Had a strange occurrence last night after an upgrade. Lost all assigned ip addresses minus our shared. We figured out a means to save our rumps. We keep extensive backups of everything thankfully.

We restored /etc/ips along with the /etc/ipaddrpool file.
Then ran /etc/init.d/ipaliases stop ; /etc/init.d/ipaliases start

This fixed the problem for the most part, then it seemed to happen again a few minutes later, so we did it all again. This time all of our sites/ips were restored. We haven't run into it again BUT I'm wondering/worried what could have caused this?

None of our logs really listed a reason why or what directive/action caused it. Just that it stopped listening to all ips.

Anybody else run into this problem, have a better fix?

WHM 11.23.2 cPanel 11.23.3-R25971
CENTOS Enterprise 5.2 x86_64 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0