Lot of http/1.1 connections from Server Main IP

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Jul 17, 2015
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1-0187210/1/1_0.44100480.00.010.01Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.41100216720.00.010.01Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.441003483540.00.120.12Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.4610028417970.00.040.04Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.421001712450.00.040.04Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.4410068140.00.100.10Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/1/1_0.311002254510.00.010.01Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.4210054430.00.010.01Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.1810058611740.00.030.03Server Main IPhttp/1.1
1-0187210/2/2_0.44100122100.00.030.03Server Main IPhttp/1.1

I had checked the cloudflare Security page it shows the server is under attack Top Threat type : Bad browser

How to block such attacks by CSF
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Jan 12, 2021
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Hey there! Please note that server security and attack mitigation are not services offered by cPanel and, as such, we can only provide limited observational support for those issues. cPanel does not offer a firewall interface and does not support the server's firewall in any way.

With that being said, we have published the following articles that may help against similar issues such as DDoS attacks:

If you do not have such an administrator, you may search for one in our listings here:

System Administration Services

Please note, however, that cPanel, LLC does not endorse or recommend any particular provider on that list, nor can we be held liable for any services performed by third-party providers, including those on the list.