Lot of unknown email sent from my VPS


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Jan 23, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

Good day, i am running Godaddy VPS since 2 years. I have been checking "View Relayers" constantly to keep an eye of my community websites that tell me how many email exchange have happened per day.

2 days back view relayer showed that 3500 email sent within a hour and sender was my server root:

Sender: tXXhiXXb @ ip-1X8-1X9-1X2-2X2. ip. secureserver . net
Message ID: 1UVE1m-0007pA-Is
Authentication: localuser
Recipient: casabella housekeeping @ yahoo . com

Surely its spamming, but how come these spammers using my server and my server root email as sender?????

Reported to godaddy, and they were not able to help at all and asked me to buy paid support for 50 USD per 30 mins. I accepted that as well and then expert support didn't respond anything in last 24 hours. May be they can't fix this or they dont want to fix this, i am not sure.

I tried tightening lot of stuff from WHM like restricting to 10 mail per hour per domain, "nobody" cant send, and some more stuff, but all failed. Still email flying at 1000 email per hour and hitting around 16000 mails in a day.

Yesterday, out of desperation i installed CSF and configured all possible options to tighten the backdoor, but still email flying out and now its flying out as different id

Sender: mike. sfsd4f564s6df45ds @ gmail . com
Message ID: 1UVDVD-0006Kz-4I
Authentication: localuser
Recipient: catiersgal @ yahoo . com

Now the above email in tonnes and thousand are getting stuck in mail queue, and i am manually deleting every 10 - 15 mins.

Please help guys, to stop this mail flood and making my server more secured and peaceful. Thanks in advance.