Mail bouncing as over-quota on new/empty account


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Apr 3, 2002
I have one email account that is experiencing maximum weirdness. All email sent to the account is being bounced back as undeliverable because the mailbox is full.

I checked the mail quota, and it showed the box using 10.29mb out of 100mb. I tried bumping the quota up to 150mb, but the problem still occurred.

I checked here and went through all of the advice in the maildirsize bug threads, although the problems reported there with quotas are different from what this account is experiencing. Still no luck.

Finally, I deleted the account and re-created it. All email to the account is still being bounced back with the mailbox full error, even though there is not a single email in the user's mail directories.

I'm guessing there is a file out there somewhere that hasn't been updated, and is causing these bounces, but I'm out of places to look. Any suggestions?


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Apr 7, 2006
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Which version of cPanel?

What happens if you disable the quota for this account?

When you deleted the account, did you ensure it actually removed the files and directories?

Are the permissions correct?