Mail Can not be kept on the server anymore. Also question Chirpy :)


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Mar 10, 2003
After a recent Upgrade to the latest Current version. Mail is no longer allowing us to keep a copy of messages on the server. Says the server currently not able to do this. Please contact admin. It was working fine but suddenly stopped. Any ideas??

Also Mailscanner.

Chirpy, Mailscanner from your site is working but it doesn't seem to filter out any spam mails. I never really went through the config files but is it pre-set to remove the spam from the server or is it allowing all mail to be sent? I guess I should look into the config files but since I was here first I just decided to post :)


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
On that second point. Yes, reading the configuration files would help ;)

To save you the time. If you selected to use spamassassin with MailScanner during installation, then you should have at leaste these two ruleset files:


The first is for low scoring spam (>=5<=20) and can contain false-positives so I would normally recommend to allow this to deliver.
The second is for high scoring spam (>20) and usually means an RBL hit and is usually safe to delete. To do so, edit the ruleset file and replace deliver with delete on the domains that you want to.

On the first part - where do you see an error message and what is it exactly? Have you tried running:


and if that doesn't help

/scripts/exim4 --latest