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May 26, 2003
Since switching servers the other day, my clients spaces are filling up quicker then oprah at a buffet...

They are getting jammed with these inside their mail folders..

Where did they come from and can I send them packing? If so... how? ;)

File List too large, output has been limited to the first 4096 files
Directory Space Used
mail/cur/1162213414.005666.mbox:2, 4.25 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001004.mbox:2, 0.14 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001573.mbox:2, 0.14 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.000017.mbox:2, 0.10 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.000016.mbox:2, 0.10 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.003462.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004203.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004254.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004137.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.003464.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004201.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.002031.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001953.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004248.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001992.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004246.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.002019.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.005285.mbox:2, 0.09 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001973.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001954.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.004284.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.005303.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001967.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg
mail/cur/1162213414.001960.mbox:2, 0.08 Meg


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May 26, 2003
ok ok.. I searched further and read about the maildir thing... Still dont understand why from the few threads I read... will research it more tomorrow..

BUT.. I have a client complaining about his space now..

Whats safe to remove?

Is there any script to auto remove the unneeded files on a mass account scale?

mail/ 159.09 Meg
mail/ 158.16 Meg
mail/ 81.63 Meg
mail/ 81.62 Meg
mail/ 56.27 Meg
mail/ 56.24 Meg
mail/, 11.82 Meg


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Mar 5, 2002
Vancouver, Canada
My understanding is that the new directory contains all unread messages. Messages that have been read, but not deleted, are moved to the cur directory. This will be the case if your client has "Leave copy of messages on server" set in his Outlook (or whatever softeware he uses). The client's settings in Outlook would be the first place I woudl check. ;)