Mail delivery log updates slow?

FM Kappungal

Feb 24, 2019
Saudi Arabia
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Root Administrator
I can't seem to find the latest mail delivery logs when searching using the mail delivery reports tab from WHM or the track delivery tab from cpanel.

Mails seem to be delivering just fine. And I can find the log entries by using exigrep from the terminal shell.

Is there a lag before the logs become accessible via the 'mail delivery reports' tab?

Is there some manual way to refresh/update it?

What could be causing this? It used to be updated in real-time along with the exim logs as far as I can remember.



Technical Support Community Manager
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Apr 11, 2011
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DataCenter Provider
Hello @FM Kappungal,

We're evaluating a potential issue where tailwatchd can consume 100% CPU and stall upon the lodging of APNS connections or upon the reception of EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable) errors. For reference, the case number is CPANEL-28174.

We'd like to take a closer look at your system to see if the issue you reported is related to this case. Do you mind opening a support ticket and referencing case CPANEL-28174? You can post the ticket number here once it's opened and I'll link this thread to it.

Thank you.