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Oct 20, 2006
Cheshire, UK
My name servers have been changed in the past 36 hours, but according to DNSReport.com the DNS for my domain, including the NS and MX records are all correct.

One thing that isn't correct is the "Mail Troubleshooter" in WHM which, when tracing to an email address part of an account on the server, is coming back with the mail servers registered on my old server - even though the name servers aren't pointing at these.

I'm receiving mail OK, but when my Exchange Server is down the mail should be collecting on my cPanel installation, which it does. However after the first few messages queued on my cPanel server, the rest start filtering to the mail servers registered on my old server.

I suspect this is a DNS issue but I don't know where to look! Any ideas?

EDIT: It's OK, all sorted now.
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