Mail forwarding to group? Set same reply-to for all?


Aug 10, 2006
I am looking to do a group email project, for about 60 participants. The members of the group do not change frequently, and the email frequency will be a handful per day. The members turn over infrequently (some have been members of the group for 20 years).

I don't need web based subscription management.
I have cPanel and command line access to my server.

1. Establish a "group" email address <[email protected]>
2. Import a list of addresses that will all be forwarded any mail sent to <[email protected]>
3. Set the reply-to on the forward to <[email protected]>, not the sender's email;

Can this be done?

we are trying to avoid using Google or Yahoo groups, so that members don't have to deal with setting up or maintaining accounts. We'll take care of everything.

Any guidance is appreciated.