Mail services not accepting connections from remote IPs


Sep 15, 2005
Hi all, I've got a problem with a box running WHM 10.1.0 cPanel 10.2.0-S83, I ran the update scripts today, and since doing so nobody can connect to the mail ports, however, doing it locally on the box works fine, it's like the services just aren't listening to connections on the world-facing ip addresses or something. :/

Anyone got any ideas?


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Jan 22, 2005
From the WHM main screen:

All servers running Release, Current, or Edge should ensure that their cPanel installation is up to date. /scripts from the 10.6 series are not compatible with older builds. Running /scripts/upcp will bring your cpanel installation into sync with your /scripts. This issue is addressed in the current builds, but until cPanel is updated you will not be able to remove zones from DNS if you have updated your /scripts.
In short, you've updated the contents of /scripts which now contain scripts that are not compatible with the version of WHM/cPanel you are running.

Your only option would be to upgrade to the RELEASE tree and then when a new STABLE is released, transfer back.

WHM > Update Config > select "Manual Updates Only (RELEASE tree)" instead of "Manual Updates Only (STABLE tree)"

and then run /scripts/upcp