@Mail Webmail upgrade for Cpanel


Mar 7, 2007
Hi All!

I've been searching for some decent Webmail upgrade for Cpanel for ages.

I notice that @Mail - http://atmail.com/ - has recently upgraded from Perl to PHP. This is great news for me, makes the install and maintenance a lot easier under Cpanel. I really need to provide a more killer Webmail frontend for my server, I mean the current Webmail with Cpanel is laughable.

With more and more users using more Ajax/Web2 Webmail systems like Gmail, we need to keep our users email accounts, not having them migrate off to another system. Need to provide a killer Ajax/Webmail/feature rich interface, In my roundup @Mail seems the best candidate.

Whats are other Cpanel users opinion of @Mail? Do you think it's worth the $850 for a 10,000 user license ( at 8.5c a user is pretty darn cheap! )

Also, anyone got any stats for their install base, what % of users use Webmail vs POP3/IMAP client? I'm seeing the Webmail trend grow, I think the future will be Webmail over traditional apps ...

Lemme know what you all think!