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Sep 18, 2006

Im having a weird one with mail. Firstly, I could not receive mail. In cpanel when I look at my mailbox quotas the useage is low (less than a meg), but, when i go into my home directory /mail my inbox is 996Mb (Im sure I havent sent that many mails).

I checked in whm and found the account had reached its quota (Just that inbox file took it over) so I upped it. That sorted out the problem with not being able to receive mail bit but I havent had the mails through from the past day when it wouldnt work. I have never seen this happen before but am now stuck with this 996Mb inbox that I cant read. Id like to delete it but would also like to know what is in it.

My question is this, How can I read this mailbox and how did it get this big without showing up in cpanel?

Many thanks in advance