Mailman 2.1.9.cp1 duplicates imbedded images in message

Mark Sapiro

Dec 12, 2006
The owner of a Mailman 2.1.9.cp1 list recently posted to [email protected] that posts received from her list contained extra, duplicate images that weren't in the original post.

After working with her to try to diagnose the cause of the problem, I have come up with the following analysis.

The message she sends to the list from Mac Mail has the following structure

........text/html (html has one or more image tags referencing images)
........image/jpeg (image referenced by html)
........additional images if any

The list does no content filtering.

The message in the list's archives has the original image(s) only

The message received from the list has the same structure as the original, but the image/jpeg part(s) are followed by a second (set of) identical except for Content-Id: part(s) and the html part has appended to it immediately prior to the </body> tag, image tag(s) referencing the duplicate image part(s) followed by the list footer.

Thus it appears to me that cPanel has attempted to 'fix' the issue of the FAQ (4.39) at (possibly with the patch at and whatever 'fix' has been applied is responsible for the duplication.
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