mailman bouced sent 2100 bounced emails to [email protected]


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Jul 28, 2002
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A mailing list with 2100 emails sent 2100 bounced emails to a [email protected] email. this is a test to move up one belt in the methods of cpanel. :) (sorry)

The same list sent out fine 7 days ago with about 100 less emails.

differances since then:

updated to cpanel 8 - ?
added the port email security - didn't cause problem for anyone else.
verify existance of emailer - he exists
changed sent limit to 500 - this shouldn't effect mailman lists
changed the ns1. name server to a i.p. that does not resolve

The list is still in the servers que,

Any help would be nice including the ovious, the server is standard for cpanel. Support Ticket Number:
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