Mailman Login Problem - Now asking for Email Address


Jan 27, 2011
I have a WHM/cPanel sever (version which I believe is the Current version) and since this upgrade I've found a problem with management of mailman mailing lists.

Before this update, whenever a mailing list received an email from a non-member, the list manager would receive an email with the following URL to approve/reject the message.


They would go to this URL, enter the provided management password and could gain access to all the tools to manage the mailing list.

Now, since the latest upgrade of WHM/cPanel, the list managers get a different URL (as below) which now takes me to a cPanel login screen asking for an Email Address as well as a password (the previous version ONLY asked for the list password)


I cannot find any documentation in reference to what this email address needs to be, nor which password is is now asking for. I have even tried the cPanel login for "" thinking it might require this, but it still failed.

Another note, I can still access the original link (first bolded one above), and I can still successfully log in with the list password and get access to the main management system... however, when I click on "Tend to pending moderator requests" it takes me straight to the new cPanel type login screen.

Can anyone shed light on this as I have many mailing list managers trying to manage their lsits moderator requests and are unable to.


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

This should have been addressed in cPanel version

Fixed case 158697: Remove /webmail from Mailman moderation email requests.

Version is now available to the "Release" and "Current" build tiers. Could you force an update of cPanel (/scripts/upcp --force) and let us know if this still occurs for new moderation emails that are sent out?

Thank you.