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Apr 28, 2002
I just signed up with a host (we will call them xyz) that uses cpanel for the shared hosting packages. In mailman, all the paths are
The last setting on the general options page of Mailman also shows that path. I raised the question to my host and they switched me to a dedicated ip address, thinking that was the problem. For a couple of days the path was correct but soon after it reverted back to the hosts path. This is important because when my clients visit my site, it looks like it's coming from a diffrent domain. I also tried changing the setting in mailman but it didn't make any differance. Know one has any ideas what the problem is, so I came here to the source;) Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 13, 2001
This is by design- most people (server admins) are probably switching their boxes over to using suexec with apache (for enhanced security).... in order for mailman to function properly in a shared environment it needs to be installed under the base hostname of the server.

If you want me to go into the technical reasoning behind this... well I don't really want to. ahahahaa :p
But if you have more questions about this please get in touch with me directly.


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Feb 17, 2002
Actually I am having a LOT of issues with Mailman. It was not really designed to be run in a shared environemnt at all. (That is a direct quote from a couple of the programmers.) Also it is a pain to use it for a newsletter list (non-discussion list). Again per the programmers it was not designed to be used this way and in fact they told me that no one had ever requested that it be used that way (which I find hard to believe).

Combine that with its horrid use of all kinds of extra headers forced onto each mail, numberous web pages that you really can't turn off if you don't want them to be used, and absolutely ZERO documentation makes this one of the worst possible choices for a shared environment mailing list.

I have made requests to get help on how to install Majordomo on a Cpanel box but s far no luck. If anyone out there can help me with this it wold be greatly appreciated. I am at the end of my rope with Mailman the programmers who wrote it. The software is not flexible at all in that it can really onlt be used in one manner and the programmers are very rude and unhelpful in any way whatsoever.

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