Mailman/SuExec issues resolved?


May 10, 2002
Maybe I missed something here, but there's been an issue with Mailman running on the same server as SuExec, and results in Mailman lists showing the server name rather than the domain name the list is under, and as far as I'd heard it was not resolved.

However, noticed it working with the domain name again on a server that just upgraded to PHP 4.3.0. I think Cpanel is 5.3.0 or something. Checked another domain that's on a server with PHP 4.2.3 and I think CPanel 5.3.0, and it's also working with the domain name now. Both had been using the server name for sometime and I'd been considering alternative options for a mail list utility.

Thus, I'm wondering if this issue has been resolved or what? Anybody else notice anything different with this? Would be excellent if it were fixed, but still wondering myself......