Mailman with 150.000 users ?


Dec 2, 2007
Hi, we have one customes with some small mailman lists that we use to configure and setup for them.

Now a new division sent us three lists and the smallest one is 40.000 users, the largest one 128.000 users.

I understand that mailman could support it without too much issues, but what limitations will we issue ? should we go to a dedicated VPS with new IP ? any tips please?

Do you have any experience with this ?

Thanks a lot !


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The issue will not be with the number of members on the list itself, but rather the emails that will be sent out to that many users. It's difficult to estimate how much CPU/Memory is required, but in general you may want to consider using a dedicated server. The best way to determine if your server can handle that much email traffic is to try testing a smaller list, and gradually increase the number of emails sent out to see when your load/memory usage becomes too high or services fail.

Thank you.
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