MailScanner failures in recent upgrades


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Dec 24, 2006

I have been forced to uninstall MailScanner because message between local users were lost despite a right configuration in exim.
It happened without making any change in WHM configuration.

Exim mainlog show me errors "25 closed by QUIT" and "465 closed by QUIT" but only for my local domain users.

After many tests checking an unchecking options (spam, etc..) and also re-installations of both Mailscanner and Exim (with delete of configuration files) I have checked that Mailscanner was the only cause.

Also, I have check that Mailscanner always created a defunct process <exim>, even in a clear new installation without previous exim.conf files.

Is there more people with this problem?.

**My config: WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0-C17483