Mailscanner question - for Chirpy maybe?


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Sep 26, 2006
Virginia Beach, VA
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We had configserver install mailscanner on one of our VPS servers and I have a question about mail authentication. I didn't post it in the CS forums as I'm not sure if this is a MS issue or something else.

Since installing mailscanner the user has reported two issues, neither of which we have been able to find a resolution for:

1) POP over SSL no longer works...users can connect, but cannot authenticate. Oddly enough, all of a suddent TLS over 110 works, and if you disable SSL authentication is fine

2) The main cPanel user cannot check email through a mail client. This customer prefers to use the main cpanel user for bounces, and is able to connect but the mailbox but it always reports as being empty though there are over 600 emails in the inbox.

Both issues started after installing mailscanner so I think it's probably something to do with that. Does anyone have any insight on this or know how to correct these problems?

Thanks in advance.
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