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Mar 12, 2004
I keep forgetting to post this, MailScanner seems to change some of the values in MailScanner.conf that it should not be on upgrade, namely where unrar is located - it blanks it out - and Use TNEF Contents = - I have that set to add and it always zaps it back to no.

Not big problem, but if I forget to change back, some email gets delivered with the stupid winmail.dat and I get calls.

There might be something else that is being changed too, if these two are, I do not know and have not checked every value.


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Dec 7, 2004
thanks for the info. I checked mine and it does got reset.

One thing I am not so sure about is the unrar feature. I should be /usr/bin/unrar right? But I don't have unrar. Do I have to install it manually? Also, it does say something about using perlmodule of unrar, I looked and found clamav to have some unrar library. Are those it?