Mailserver backend script!!!


Aug 16, 2004

i've just started a dedicated server plan, and i want to make a free-mailbox provider web site!!!
(something like yahoo mail, hotmail etc...)

so i need help, how i can make in the account's public_html area, a webmail to appear, like horde neomail squirell etc... (cause they are only accessible via cpanel....)
so how i enable them for all visitors?

also, how i can create a form, that visitors will apply for new mailbox, accessible via outllok and webmail??? (so i dont have to manually create each account!!!)


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Mar 29, 2004
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chirpy said:

There u helped me recall this ...
Yep It's good and looking at the prices it's definitely the best bet.
Sorry for my failing memory :/
Just seen a quick demo after a long time and thought i should put down my thought.

@mail is expensive and too much of reliance on js .. that sucks as gzip compression cannot be there on .js

hivemail well nothing too sure about it.

wwwcreations :::: Never

I am usin some other WebMail and i wouldn't be sounding like their sales reps so im not really posting their name :)


Just also installed that Dictionary Attack ACL.... Excellent Stuff... 100 IP's Already there within two hours attacking a single domain