Main Domain Expired - Nameserver and DNS issues


Jan 14, 2014
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Hi guys, first post on here.

The problem.

Have a WHM server with three domains using it. HOwever, my main domain name which was a personal domain has now expired, and this is the master domain on the server, so...

Server is

NS are

Then there are three further sites on my hosting using these nameservers

Obviously as my main domain has expired, none of the nameservers etc are working.

What do I need to do to fix this :S

Im guessing:
1) Change the main server name from to
2) Update the nameservers in Basic cPanel & WHM Setup to
3) assign IP adresses and A names for the two new nameservers (although i think its insisting i only have 1 free ip)

Assistance gratefully recieved. :S At the moment all my sites are down. :D


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The steps you listed are correct, except you do not have to worry about assigning IP addresses to name servers on the cPanel server. Instead, ensure you assign those IP addresses to the name servers at the domain registrar, and then make sure the "A" records are added on the cPanel server.

Thank you.